This Bruins Fan’s Call To A Pittsburgh Bar Is Well Played


Mixed reactions around the web on whether or not this is funny.  Count me in the group that finds it entertaining as hell.  Love every minute of it.  It’s calculated, well done and gets a reaction from the crowd.  Can’t be mad at this guy one bit.  The B’s are up 2-0 on the way to good to be beat Penguins…and we’re coming home.  Sidney Crosby can just get the hell out of my face.  I have to believe there’s no way he’s beating us this series.

P.S.  Can this guy learn how to grow a playoff beard?  What kind of peach fuzz is this?  Hey bro, you’ve had a month an a half to nut up and this is all you can do?  #weaksauce all day.



Also, bro, don’t fuck with Chara.  Guy is a foot taller than you and you’re a biznatch.