Karl Malone Is A Straight Up Idiot.

Hey Karl, I can't remember.  Does this shot go in?

Hey Karl, I can’t remember. Does this shot go in?

Here’s the title of the Yahoo Sports Article.  It’s all you need to know.

Karl Malone leaves Michael Jordan off his all-time starting five.

Know who he’s got in his place?  Either Oscar Robinson or Scottie Pippen.  Oscar, I can live with though it’s wrong, but Pippen?  He wasn’t even the best player on his team.  You know why?  Because JORDAN WAS THE BEST PLAYER ON THE PLANET.  Jordan is still the best player to ever play the game in my book.  Karl Malone you are a straight up clizown.  I implore you to go read the article because it’s worth your time.  However, just know that the reason Karl Malone is hatin’ on Jordan is because he was never, EVER able to be better or beat MJ.  Remember that time the NBA named Malone MVP and then Jordan went out and gigged all over the Jazz?  Well that happened.  remember that time Malone had the ball late in the game in the ’97 finals and Jordan stripped him like a two dollar hooker?  I do and so does everyone else.  It’s sad that years after they’ve finished playing, Karl Malone can’t get over the fact that MJ beat him time after time after time.  Hey bro, give it a rest.  Pippen is probably pissed he’s above Jordan because he knows the truth.


Hey Karl, Where you looking bro?

Here’s a great line from the article that contradicts Malone’s statement that when Jordan was away, Pippen led the Bulls in every statistical category.  “all while claiming that Pippen deserves inclusion because he managed to lead the Bulls in categories led by Jordan in the seasons he played. The logic is tortuous, to say the least: Pippen is on the list because he managed to match Jordan’s stats without Jordan, despite the fact that Jordan put up those same stats with Pippen in the lineup.”

I underlined that last part.  Jordan did what he did, WHILE Pippen played next to him.  He lead the Bulls in all those categories while Pippen played beside him.  Just a foolish quote by a foolish bro.  Haters gon hate, but this is just stupid.