Check Out This Insane Break Up Letter Ripping Through The Interweb




I have to be honest.  My first thought when I saw this was that it was fake.  Red pen, 4th grade hand writing and the fact that someone would spend this much time putting this together for someone they all of a sudden hate seems a bit much.  Like if you break up with someone, don’t you want to distance yourself from them as soon as possible in a situation like this?  I doubt very much that you’d spend multiple days placing items from your relationship in memorable spots because it’s apparent that this person isn’t as invested as you are and probably doesn’t care about those things as much.  It probably hurt that person more who was placing those items around town more than it will hurt the person who probably won’t go looking for them.  Seriously, why put yourself through the pain of reliving all of the good memories when this guy is obviously not even going to look for this stuff.  He’s already on to the next one.  Straight weaksauce.  Also, why wouldn’t you crush this broad on Facebook?  Might as well go hard on her if you’re going through all this trouble to upset her ex.  Just too many things to make me think this is either a 7th grade break up or not real at all.

As always though, chicks are freakin’ crazy.  What. The. Fuck!