Introducing The Vogue Paris Supermodel Calendar of 2013. It’s AMAZING!


From our people at The Citizens of Fashion (NSFW) comes a post that’s completely unfair.  Seriously, that’s basically the only picture that’s legit postable on this page.  The rest you need to see for yourself at CoF.  Just make sure you have a change of pants ready to go.

However, I’m not leaving you without giving you my top 3 months from the Calendar.  There are no exceptions.  These are by far the best 3.

3. August – She might not bear all in her photo but she’s absolutely a 10.

2. July – It gets hot in the summer and if this is the chick I’m rolling to the beach with, I can live with that.

1. January – What better way to start the year off than with a gorgeous young woman.

May gets runner-up but just couldn’t crack the top 3.  Who you got?