Lebron Flopped, Lebron Freaked Out And The Pacers Won Game 6. Plus Analysis About The Future Of Both Team.


A couple of things about this video.  I love the way Paul George reacts.  He looks so disappointed that call as made and has plenty of eyes on the referee who made it.  Speaking of that referee, here’s how refs can take over a game.  I’m not positive (and I’ve watched that video plenty of times) but I’m pretty sure that ref couldn’t see the actual contact.  He makes the call from behind the “screen”  of Hibbert and Haslem.  I don’t think he ever saw the “contact” and just reacts because he sees Lebron hit the floor.  Never mind the other two refs who had clear looks at the play and didn’t react.  Which is why I don’t understand why they wouldn’t get that call right.  Why wouldn’t a ref step in and say hey bro, that wasn’t a flop.  Let’s reverse the call so no one overreact.

Speaking of overreacting, you see that 2 year old Lebron react to the offensive foul called on him?  Granted, I’m on record saying I didn’t think it was very offensive but his reaction is childish.  


Question for people out there.  Why is the best player on the planet acting like a 2 year old when a foul gets called on him?  For me it proves how much he thinks of everyone else on the floor, including the refs. Isn’t that just total disrespect for the referees?  That’s what children do when they don’t like that they have to come in and eat dinner.  They run around with a look of disbelief mixed with douche bag.  Clean it up Lebron.

Random thought 1:  Does anyone think that this series will change the way some people think about Lebron.  I mean if you’re a casual fan, twice you’ve seen him running around whining about a call and twice you’ve seen him flop after saying he doesn’t flop.  I feel like the Pacers bring out the worst in Lebron and it’s only going to get worse next year when they have Danny Granger healthy and hitting shots.  

Random thought 2:  How good will the Pacers be next year when Granger returns?  I know he’s not a superstar, but doesn’t he add another element to this team?  Another legit scorer and long player who can play multiple positions.  Team could be good for a long time. 

Random thought 3:  Reggie Miller mentioned it last night, but this Heat team is basically his Cavs team, just with bigger names.  This is probably the one thing that wasn’t discussed when Bosh, Wade and Lebron decided to hook up.  What happens in 3 years when Bosh isn’t good and Wade isn’t healthy.  Granted, you never can predict injuries, but wasn’t Bosh the worst move ever?  He needed the ball in his hand to score and with the Heat he’s a spot up jump shooter.   Oh yeah and he’s making $17.54 milion this year.  Should the Heat just have scooped up Lebron, took a year to get used to playing with each other and figured out what they needed to best compliment two of the best wing players in the league in Lebron and Wade?  It seems so simple now, of course, but I don’t think it was that hard to figure out 3 years ago when they decided to put these three together.  Granted people have said a low post presence would eliminate lanes that Lebron and Wade need to penetrate, but the Pacers and the Spurs are proving that you can have a big guy in the post and it doesn’t stop players from getting to the rim.  The #1 reason Lebron will leave Miami after next year isn’t because he wants to return to Cleveland, it’ll be because the Heat aren’t very good.