Wilt Chamberneezy Is Making Soda. Watch Out World!


Sometimes stories pop up on my screen and I burst out laughing.  This is one of them.  From USAToday:  “Shaquille O’Neal has been Superman, the Big Diesel, the Big Aristotle and the Big AARP, among other nicknames. Now, he can add the Big High-Fructose Corn Syrup to that list.  Shaq is launching a line of cream sodas with Arizona Beverage. It will come in at least four flavors (pictured: strawberry, orange, vanilla and blueberry), and according to Sports Business Daily, 50 million cans will be in circulation in June.  It will be interesting to see how Soda Shaq tastes. Hopefully his performance as a soft-drink figurehead is better than his performance as an analyst on Inside the NBA.”

Woah!  Zing from USAToday there at the end. I think the guy isn’t half bad on TV but not these guys!  How bout Shaqtus going all carbonated beverage on us?  Can we just say right now that this soda is probably going to be terrible?  Is that a safe bet?  Arizona tea is decent but it’s about 100% sugar.  Add in some creme soda and you’re probably seeing this on the shelf for about 1 hot minute.  Don’t get me wrong, if it comes to Baltimore, I’m in there like swimwear.  I’m just not thinking it’s going to replace Coke as my go to soda.

Oh, and Shaq’s got the tweet game on lock for this one:

Shaq going big all day ALL NIGHT!

P.S. Just one question.  Why isn’t it called Shaq Soda?  Is there something I’m missing?