How Dirty Of A Player Is Dwayne Wade?!


Damn, I mean I had heard the whispers, but it looks like this guy is just as much of a clown as Lebron is.  Perhaps with all the focus on Lebron, he’s just gone about his business as a straight bum.  And yes I’m saying this as a Celtics fan who thinks Kevin Garnett is awesome, deal with it.  It’s just that in the video below you get a sense of how much of a bum Wade is.  He’s not talking trash, or being chippy on screens.  He’s straight up mauling guys, talking shit and maybe getting a personal foul called on him.

Should we be considering this guy the dirtiest guy in the league?  To be fair, this is on the heals of Game 2’s elbow, this article from CBSports and a buddy of mine bringing it to my attention.

I think he might be.  You be the judge.

And this fabulous flop from the other night.

I mean what’s the deal with this guy?  He’s a superstar who doesn’t need to be doing this.  The sad thing is he’s getting away with most of it.  Only after the game did he get hit with a weak flagrant 1 for the elbow to Stephenson.  Reverse those roles and Stephenson doesn’t play in Game 3 and you could have put money on it.

Does this mean I have to split my hate of the Heat between Lebron and Wade now?  I mean the Bostritch doesn’t count becuase he’s a clown.



Am I right or AM I RIGHT!

What do y’all think?