Welcome To The NBA Finals San Antonio Spurs

Congrats to the San Antonio Spurs who finished off the sweep of the Memphis Grizzlies last night in Memphis.


If it wasn’t the Celtics, I was always rooting for the Spurs to get here.  They were that other older team with an aging superstar who had played his whole career with one team (who wasn’t the Los Angeles Lakers.)  Everyone had been writing them off, saying they were too old and such.  Meanwhile Timmy Duncan just kept on keepin’ on.  Tony Parker emerged as the best player on the team and Manu finally got himself healthy.

Now they get a week to chill and await either the Miami Heat or Indiana Pacers.  At this point, I’d love to see the Spurs take the crown mainly because they’re a Western Conference team and they’re not the Heat (more to come on that I promise.)  Anyway, congrats to the Spurs and their veteran players.  You never know when you’ll get another chance and this time they made sure that a young upstart Memphis team didn’t get in their way this year.

P.S. Check out this money through the legs pass from Manu.  Legit! (#1 play)

P.P.S.  Too bad the finals won’t start until JUNE 6TH!  How did David Stern mess this up?  It was supposed to be Miami that got the extra week off!