The In Game Text Poll During The Royals Broadcast Last Night Was All Jacked Up


Um, wait a minute bro, who the hell are these people?  Bryce Hunter?  Matt Jones?  Are those even real people?  And can we get the team they play for right?  That’s the best part of it all.  The teams aren’t even close.  At least with the names you’ve got teh first name right.  ClusterF!

2 things that come to mind immediately, 1.  Some little jack ass in the truck had a good time with this one.  Just messing up names like he doesn’t give a shit.  Either that or the person was all liquored up and just started typing shit.  Good times all around.  And, 2.  Does no one proofread this shit ever?  Why does this not get looked over once before heading on the big screen?  I know this stuff is put together quickly, but one quick glance would have alerted even a small child that there were some glaring errors here.

That broadcast team needs to step their game up big time.  #Weaksauce all over the place.

P.S. My Manny Machado pick is looking good bro.  Real good.