Tony Allen Had The Flop To End Flops Last Night


Check out the 1:02 mark.  You clearly see that Tony Allen’s head does not hit the floor.  What a clown move.  I hope there’s a fine coming from the NBA because this is a joke.  I hope someone on the Spurs really flagrant fouls him in game 3.  No need for that shit in my opinion.  See, I play soccer and we know how soccer players flop.  You flop around me, you’re getting cleats to some part of your body, no questions asked.  I don’t deal with that crap and I hope the Spurs don’t either.

However, I will admit it’s hilarious to watch him wiggle around.  Like what’s going through his mind at that point.  Trying to sell a flop while knowing damn well he’s fine.  I’d be as embarrassed as hell.