Guy Falls Off Bud Truck At Preakness, Just About Dies

Nice hands, feet.

So, unfortunately I wasn’t able to experience the Infield at The Preakness this year.  However, that’s not going to stop me from sharing whatever I can from it.  From everything I’ve heard from my friends, the Infield is everything they say it is and more.  Just BOC everywhere and this guy is no exception.  The aftermath of this is perfect.  Guy tries to help him roll over, and the guy who fell isn’t having it.  He’d just rather keep his face buried in the grass because he knows there is NO CHANCE he’s getting laid after that.

P.S. Did I hear broken finger?  Really?  You fall 15 feet from a truck and someone is concerned about a broken finger?  Nut up people.  The thing that probably hurts the most is this dude’s pride.