Watch This Chick Absolutely Crush The National Anthem At A Hockey Game


Get a load of this crazy broad.  Just a complete disregard for America in this video.  I’m pretty sure she got up there with nothing but the first few lines and figured, screw it, I can get through this.  Crazy thing about it is that she never stops, except for the 5 seconds of silence in the middle.  But seriously, she just keeps on trucking, acting like nothing’s wrong with what she’s doing.  Repeating lines, skipping lines, mumbling, it’s all here!  Funny thing is, this chick doesn’t give a shit.  Just going to get to the end where she can belt out the finale like she’s been crushing it the whole time.

Just another example of how chicks are crazy.  Never once does she seem to be fazed by the fact she is ruining one of our national pastimes.  Just get her to the part she knows and she’ll act like she’s Whitney at the Super Bowl.  Bat. Shit. Crazy!