Remember Kai, The Homeless Hatchet Wielding Bro? Yeah, He Was Arrested For Killing A Guy He Got “Sexual” With

From ABC:  “A homeless, hatchet-wielding hitchhiker who became an Internet hero earlier this year was arrested Thursday for allegedly beating a New Jersey lawyer to death inside his home.  Caleb “Kai” McGillvary was arrested at the Greyhound Bus Terminal near 11th and Filbert by Philadelphia police…McGillvary was charged with killing Joseph Galfy, Jr., a Clark, N.J. attorney found dead Monday. Romankow said he will be processed and sent to back to New Jersey, where his bail is set at $3 million.  Galfy, 73, was found wearing only his underwear and socks by police who went to his home to check on his well-being…  Statements posted on McGillvary’s Facebook page following the homicide indicated the encounter was sexual in nature, Romankow said, though he declined to go into specific detail.  On his Facebook page, McGillvary’s last post, dated Tuesday, asks “what would you do?” if you awoke in a stranger’s house and found you’d been drugged and sexually assaulted. One commenter suggests hitting him with a hatchet – and McGillvary’s final comment on the post says, “I like your idea.”

Well, there you go.  I guess the lesson learned is that you can never, EVER trust a homeless, hatchet wielding guy who you can tell is certifiable insane just by listeting to him talk.  Seriously, this is life in 2013.  We pretty much wet our pants over this guy for sticking a  hatchet in some Jesus freak’s head and then have to read about him murdering a 73 year old guy who may or may not have been banging him at his home over the past couple of days.  Let that soak in for a minute or two.  For a brief moment this guy was  a national phenomenon and now his bail has been set at $3 million dollars…and he’s homeless.  Maybe we should have paid attention when he was rambling on and on after almost killing a dude.

See what I mean?  Dude was, and apparently still is, batshit crazy.  I’m jumping off the Kai bandwagon as soon as humanly possible.  Guy is homeless, carries hatchets, travels the country lookign to get banged by dudes and then kills them.  I’m all set.