What Would You Rather? Mayonnaise Burrito VS. Human Sushi

Folks, saddle the fuck up.  It’s about to get  real.  You think I don’t hate mayo?  How bout this match up.  Straight up mayo burrito, that’s it.  No carnitas, no salsa or peppers and onions.  Straight mayo.  In the other corner you have human sushi.  I can’t say much about human sushi without seeming like a straight up cannibal, but my pick is easy.  Give me some soy sauce, sriracha and wasabi and it’s on.  I don’t even have to think about it.  No way I’m biting into a wrap full of mayo.  Sushi all day bro.  You wanna call me weird, go ahead bro, I’m secure in my manhood.

So, If you had to pick just one and roll with it, what would that be?  A burrito filled with only mayo (no fixings with it) or human sushi?


And yeah, I know I’m eating actual human sushi and not just smashing sushi off a hot broad’s teets.  I’m aware.  No need to hate, participate.

Do you have a “What would you rather” matchup you’d like to see?  Let me know.