Jack Edwards Called The Bruins Win In Game 7 Like A BAWSE


Saw this last night and immediately became hard.  The only thing I could think of while this was happening is how well Jack kept it together.  I’d have probably ripped off some clothing, cursed out everyone in the booth and punched myself in the face.  Shows how much of a professional this guy is.  Now every time I hear him lose his mind when the B’s score, I’m going to know it’s from the depths of his soul.  Do you, Jack Edwards.

What’s up with his partner?  Some may say he’s as cool as the other side of the pillow, I want to know why this guy isn’t off the chains like his partner.  Like, all you do after one of the greatest comebacks in NHL history is put your hands in the air and smile?  Really bro?  Show some emotion, pop a chub, DO SOMETHING!  Let me get in the booth with Edwards and we may end up half naked by the end of an OT thriller like that!

P.S. I watched this thing like 10 times in a row.  No one, and I mean no one, can tell me sports aren’t the greatest thing in the world.  Pure unbridled joy in that video.  And this picture says it all.