Buddy Nix Steps Down As Bills GM; Whaley To Assume The Position

We knew this was happening for a while, we just didn’t know when.  In a statement from the Bills, Nix said: “I’ve made this decision to step away from the General Manager’s position because I feel it is the right time,” said Nix in a team statement. “By the ‘right time’ I mean I think we have a good young roster, an excellent head coach with a good staff, and it’s time to let someone else handle these responsibilities and move forward together. Timing is the main thing, but there are other benefits as well. This job is very demanding with a 24-7 schedule of responsibilities. This new position will enable me to spend more time with my family. I appreciate the opportunity given to me by Mr. Wilson and Russ (Brandon) and I’m fortunate to step away from the job and still remain a part of the team.”

I have mixed emotions on Nix leaving.  He’s part of the reason we have sucked for so long but he’s also been pretty solid the last couple of years.  The Fitzpatrick deal was a move he never should have made and I can never forgive him for that.  It was such a terrible move for a player that was never going to succeed on the big stage.  But he has done well in the last few years in the drafts and building a solid, cheap offensive line.  The team is set up well for the future, in my opinion, and there is no reason to think we won’t continue to improve under Whaley.

What’s interesting is that the future of this team is still on him.  These are his moves, Marrone is his hire, EJ Manuel is his QB.  He’ll be gone before any of them leave their stamp on the organization even though his finger prints are all over these moves.  It’s a slick move but in all honesty I don’t think Nix is trying to slip out the back door.  The guy wasn’t going to get another GM job at this point.  He wasn’t going to find another organization to rebuild.  This, I believe, is an actual “retirement.”  I put it in quotes because he’ll still be a Special Assistant but it’s apparent that he’s just going to help with the transition of his job to Whaley.

Here’s to the future.

I want to believe that these moves will pan out and really, what option do I have at this point?  I’ve gotta go all in on Marrone, Manuel and the new look defense.  I have to believe that they know what they’re doing because I so damned invested.  I need to be patient with Manuel even if they don’t think he needs time to watch.  It’s only May but this Bills team excites me for a number of reasons.  1. They’re pretty young and they’ve improved across the board (which isn’t that hard considering what they had.)  2.  New coach, new regime, new defensive coordinator, new just about everything.  They needed some new blood and they have it.  They let veterans leave via free agency and will rely on (relatively) new players to take them into the future.  3.  It can’t get much worse right?  The Patriots are getting older, the Jets are a mess and the Dolphins are in a similar boat to us.  The future has potential and I have to believe the Bills have the right people in the right places.