I Think Kate Upton Looks Pretty Good

Over at Citizens of Fashion there’s a constant influx of good looking people.  Kate Upton, who’ll be featured in the June issue of Vogue, is definitely one of them.  I’ve heard the rumors and read the articles of people saying she’s not that good looking or that she’s not skinny enough or whatever.  Hey idiots, this chick is the real deal.  And I’m not even looking at pictures of her from Sports Illustrated’s Swim Suit Edition right now.  This chick is sexy and has a legit body.  And if you need any further proof, you can always fall back on the fact that for the last two years, SI has chosen one chick to grace the cover of their swimsuit edition and it’s Kate Upton.  On a gorgeous Friday here in Baltimore, I’m rolling with Kate Upton.  Haters are going to always hate, but that’s what makes us come back stronger (or sexier in both Kate’s and my case.)

Just a reminder: 


Chick is the real deal.