Titus Young Sr. Went Ahead And Got Himself Arrested Twice In One Day


Via NBCSports:  “According to Paula Pasche of the Oakland Press, Young followed a Sunday arrest for suspicion of DUI with a Sunday arrest for attempting to steal his own car from police custody.  Specifically, Young was spotted on Sunday afternoon at a tow yard in Southern California, jumping over the fence in search of his impounded Mustang.  Young was charged with burglary.”

Remember that time last year during your NFL Fantasy Football drafts where you were drafting Young a round early because of all the potential?  Do you remember the 9 catches for 100 yards and 2 touchdowns in late October?  Well, what the hell happened to this guy?  Brah has been in a straight free fall ever since.  Now this idiot gets arrested twice in the same day?

Look, we all have our moments of weakness.  It tends to happen when we are already vulnerable from screwing up something else.  Titus Young just had one of those days on Sunday.  Now, I don’t know a lot about a lot, but I know it’s NOT a good look to try to jump a fence into a Police tow yard to try to steal back your car.  Doesn’t seem like the odds are in your favor.

And again, where the hell is this guys family and friends?  Was he flying solo that day?  You mean to tell me that the person that bailed him out the first time didn’t try to talk Young out of this one?  Where the hell is his posse?

Look, Titus, it may be a good idea to get some help, find some new people to associate with and try to get back to the NFL.  You’re pretty damn talented so stop acting like a douche bag.

P.S. Did I just get all righteous on Young?  God damn I’m so mad nice.

P.P.S. It is the douchiest move in the world to put “Sr” on your jersey.  Don’t even question me on this one.