This Toronto Maple Leaf Fan Failed At Life At Last Night’s Game




I’m going to ask a simple question: Does this guy have any family or friends in the Toronto area?  Because if he does, why wouldn’t they have given this guy a simple “no, aaaaa” when he came up with the idea.  It’s apparent that this guy is  unaware of what’s happening in the world never mind a few miles to the south.  I’m surprised his fellow countrymen didn’t tell him to put the sign away.  Just a lose/ lose situation for Toronto because there was no way they were winning this game and this guy made their city look like a bunch of idiots.  What a way to ruin the first playoff game in Toronto in forever.  Too bad they never stood a chance.  

P.S.  Sneaky winner of this photo has to be the guy to the right with the mullet right?  High comedy all around!