BAWSE Alert! 76 Year Old Drug Dealer Has 57 Guns Seized From His House In New Hampshire.

I know we aren’t supposed to joke about guns and that’s a pretty large haul of guns, but I definitely laughed to myself thinking about this whole situation.

From the Union Leader: “A 76-year-old man is under arrest on drug charges after an eight-month undercover police investigation that resulted in the confiscation of $3,100 in cash, drugs and 57 firearms.”

Folks, let those two pictures marinate for a  minute.  This is why New Hampshire is such an amazing place!  76 year old guy is just slingin’ rocks and takin’ shots all day long.  Robert “Burton” Johnson is the BAWSE in Deering, NH, no questions asked.  Like how long has this guy just been sitting around running things?  I mean was this a post retirement gig or has he been on his game since he was a teenager at Deering HS (pure speculation)? I’m so intrigued by this guy and feel like I need more info about this guy and what he’s all about.

Small side note: While there’s no questioning the fact this guy had status (the guns are LEGIT), what’s up with the cops only seizing $3,100 in cash?  I’m led to only two conclusions.  1. Cops found a bunch more and just pocketed it.  I mean come on, it’s Deering, NH.  No one is fact checking that shit.  Just as long as rookie cop Jones doesn’t show up in a new Camero this summer no one will notice.  Or 2. Burton is WAY more of a BAWSE than initially suspected and that’s the only cash they could find.  The rest is probably in some off shore account or in some chicks private parts.  Either way, his cash is safe.

I’m hoping for option 2 simply so this story can take off.  One thing is for sure though, “Burton” Johnson is a ride or die BAWSE!