Red Sox Finish April In 1st Place And With The Best Record In Baseball


Take that experts!  I feel pretty good considering I kept saying that I liked this team and it’s makeup in the off-season.  We got back to basics with scrappy, hard working guys and pitching.  John Farrell has revived Buchholz and Lester and it looks like Lackey has remembered how to pitch.

So it obviously begs the question, one month in, how good can this team be?  With Big Papi rolling so far and a team that seems to be enjoying itself again, I think they keep on keepin’ on.  The only thing that’ll slow this team down is injuries but that’s true for every team in the league.  The nice thing about this squad is that it has depth all over the place.  There are players in AAA that could step in now if needed and potentially fill a roll.  There’s money to spend if we want to upgrade at or before the trade deadline.


Most importantly though, they’ve gotten back to having fun.  Now, I know it’s fun while you are winning, but isn’t that the point I’m trying to make?  The Red Sox have been good for a long time.  Even last year they were a team that on paper was supposed to win, but they weren’t having fun.  I believe those two go hand in hand for this organization.  It’s a tough town to play in and our players should reflect the hard working, blue collar people of Boston.  Right now they seem to be just doing that.   Being more like players like Dustin Pedroia and less like last year’s team as a whole.  Letting leaders like Papi keep the clubhouse loose but backing it up with fire when he’s on the field.

So I think they’re going to keep winning and go to the playoffs.  I know it’s early but this team has the mental makeup to be successful.  Gone are the Beckett’s and Gonzalez’ and Crawford’s who for whatever reason couldn’t handle the spotlight (in Beckett’s case I think the relationship soured.)  Young guys who have grown up in the organization mixed with guys who give 100% has lead this team to the best record in the bigs and there’s no reason it can’t continue.

Plus it’s great to be ahead of Baltimore Orioles since I live here and have to listen to them talk about how they own the Sox and how they’re the team to beat.  Hey guys, check the standings.  One year of success doesn’t mean you own the AL East.  Get back to me when you win the World Series or you actually ahead of the Geriatric Yankees.