NY Jets Waive Tim Tebow, ESPN Goes Full Wood.


Word on the street was this was a decision made a while ago. Good for Tebow as he gets the opportunity to at least choose his next move. Great for ESPN who have needed several changes of pants since this was reported early this morning.

But honestly, I’m pumped for Tebow. Guy led the Broncos to the NFL Playoffs, won a playoff game and got shipped to the Jets so he could watch Mark Sanchez be terrible at the quarterback position. Will he be back in the NFL? Probably not as a QB, even thought the read option is his jam. If he’s willing to play another position he could easily find a job tomorrow. If he wants to play QB he’ll probably need to head north to the CFL but I don’t think Tebow wants that.

Real talk though, if I had a starting QB and I ran the read option, I’d think about Tebow as a back up option. He’s got to be out of the limelight though and probably not on the east coast. Seattle comes to mind, as well as San Francisco. There’s no way he’s the starter, but if you lose Wilson or Kapernick for the season you’d have a guy who’s a proven winner who you could put in.

It’s food for thought on a rainy Monday morning.