Jason Collins Announces To The World He’s A Gay Athlete.


First, a round of applause for Jason.  We can talk about how tough this decision was or how there were other athletes who have said they were gay, but this is a really big deal.  We still live in a pretty cynical world and there are people who are going to go after Collins from here on out.  There are going to be players, fans, casual fans, management and ownership that look at him a little differently now.  I’m not saying everyone will, but some will and that’s unfortunate.

I hope that this helps those other athletes that are surely out there dreading this day or wondering what it would feel like.  I’m sure Jason Collins feels like a ton of weight has been lifted off his broad shoulders.  I can positively say that I can’t wait to read the Sports Illustrated article when it arrives at my house.

And if you don’t think the crazies are coming, check out ESPN’s own Chris Broussard fumbling though his thoughts on Jason Collins.


That’s right, that’s what we’re dealing with right now.  Guy could have just declined the interview or said he didn’t want to talk about it in the morning meeting.  Nope, bro went all religion on us.  Clown move bro, straight clown move.  I went to my first same sex marriage this weekend and I’ll head to another one this summer.  You know what I won’t be thinking, how weird this is.  I was thinking how happy I was for the two people who got married this weekend.  Time to grow up people, this is life.