Rick Pitino Manned Up And Got Himself A Louisville Tattoo

Say what you want about him but Rick Pitino has backed up his statement that he’d get a tattoo if his Louisville Men’s Basketball team won the 2013 National Championship.  And I gotta be honest, it’s a straight BAWSE move.  People often say put up or shut up; well my friends, Rick Pitino just put up in a big way.

Doesn’t this guy have to basically own Kentucky at this point?  Championship at Kentucky, check.  Championship at Louisville, check.  Making north of $4 million a year in salary, you already know!  I mean this guy must be walking around with dick out just owning the world at this point.  Like, where does he go in Kentucky where people don’t gravel at his feet?

P.S. Even bigger BAWSE move having the National Championship trophy right next to him in the pic.