Female UConn Student Writes Letter To School President Stating New Huskies Logo Is Too Aggressive And Promotes Sexual Assault.


I saw this on Barstool this morning and feel compelled to at least re-blog it here since we just finished talking about crazy chicks.  I could quote the Barstool article and the original article, but you can go there and read it yourself.  I just need a minute to reiterate how CRAZY CHICKS ARE.  What world are we living in when a  cartoon picture of a dog is thought to be promoting sexual assault?  Can someone explain this to me in idiot terms because it’s apparent I’m just not seeing it.  Sure the new logo is aggressive, SO ARE SPORTS.  I’m pretty sure that’s the point of the whole  mascot thing.

You know what’s not aggressive?  This pansy looking pup which UConn correctly replaced with their new logo.UCONN1

Hey crazy chick who wasted a lot of time writing this letter, go get a new hobby because this one ain’t working for you.  In fact, go watch a football game, or for that matter, a UConn Women’s Basketball game and tell me if this little pooch above does it for you.  I want my logo to be aggressive just like my athletes.

P.S. You want aggressive?  What about these logos?  Are these promoting sexual assault?

Seems like that third one is even promoting violence.  Better get on the horn stat!