Are The Buffalo Bills Really Going To Draft A QB With The 8th Pick Tomorrow?

Will Nassib be the Bills choice at 8?

This is seriously the question that is going to make me sick over the next 36 hours.  They can’t be considering it right?  I mean, there isn’t really a guy you can hang your hat on in the first round and most analysts have a different QB in each of their mock drafts.  Here’s the QB’s that the “experts” have said the Bills will take with the 8th pick:

Geno Smith

Ryan Nassib

EJ Manuel

Matt Barkley

And you know what, if the Bills took any of these guys in the 2nd round, or traded back in the 1st round (late) to get these guys, I’d be cool with it.  But not at 8.  Not when you can get a legit Guard (Warmack) or Tackle (Lane Johnson) with that pick.  You could even go defense depending on how the draft shakes out.  Either way, you can’t take a QB with this pick.

What do I think they’re going to do – Draft Nassib with the 8th pick and tell everyone how his knowledge of the system and Marrone’s familiarity with the QB will make this a great fit.  Hell, it may even work, but you know what, Tannehill had his college coach with him last year and he wasn’t exactly blowing people away with this skills/ numbers.

What do I think they should do – Trade back into the first round if they can.  If some team comes calling, even if it’s the Dolphins at 12, they should make a deal.  Pick up another 2nd or 3rd round pick (depending on how far back they move,) and get the best value at that pick.  If the Bills have done anything right in their recent drafts, it’s that they’ve taken the best value at the pick they have.  CJ Spiller, Marcell Dareus, and Stephon Gilmore are all true talents in my opinion and there’s not reason the Bills need to reach here.  Now, if they trade back into the late teens/ early 20s and pick up the team’s 2nd round pick as well, I’m all for going after the QB in round 1.  They’ll still be good value in the 2nd and 3rd rounds and you could potentially move back into the 1st round if a guy you like is still around or has fallen.

I’m not confident they’ll do that, and I’m 100% confident I don’t know a thing about how this draft stuff works.  I just know that if the Bills go big on a QB at 8, that player may not even be the starter week 1 and that’s not good enough for me.