Maryland Comptroller Now Going HAM On Towson’s President

From the Baltimore Sun: Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot called on Towson University President Maravene Loeschke to resign, saying her actions in attempting to cut the baseball and men’s soccer teams represented “a lack of leadership that has done great damage to the school’s reputation.”  Franchot, who originally made the statement Wednesday morning at a Board of Public Works meeting in Annapolis, reiterated his feelings in a phone interview with The Baltimore Sun.  Loeschke was scheduled to appear at the meeting but did not. Franchot said she had given a “phony excuse” for why she could not make the trip.

Man this guy is a beast.  First he goes in on Governor O’Malley, then blasts the Athletic Director at Towson for his inability to manage a budget.  You might think that would be it, but no, Peter Franchot is going straight to the top on this one.  Franchot is now calling for Towson’s President, Maravene Loechke to resign; stating “a lack of leadership that has done great damage to the school’s reputation.”

Well damn, Peter, just go right for the jugular!  I mean, I had almost forgot about this story until it popped up on my screen this morning.  Basically Franchot wants Loechke out and he wants her out bad.  Just no regard for this woman’s life or career.  You want to know how you can tell?  The guy went off at a Board of Public Works meeting.  Not a meeting regarding higher education or athletics, public freakin’ works.  You still don’t think so?  Here’s what he said regarding why she was a no-show at the meeting: “She should have come and defended, in public, her administration’s position on the soccer and baseball teams,” he said. “She didn’t, I suspect, because her defense of these actions will not stand the light of day.”

I think it’s pretty apparent that Franchot is in full witch hunt mode at this point and I don’t think anyone can stand in his way.  I’m still disappointed that it seems their only interested in bringing back baseball and not soccer, but if they can find a way to bring them back I’m all for it.  It’s a pretty sad situation all around and the fact that Franchot has been so public in his disdain for Towson’s administrators leads me to believe there is more to this.  If I was Loechke, I might get out now before stuff really hits the fan.