Explosion At The Finish Line Of The Boston Marathon (UPDATED)

6:46 pm – Update:



More updates:

UPDATE: The Red Cross has a note to all….

Let loved ones know you’re safe.

And it doesn’t get better than this.

Update:  Cellphone service cut off to eliminate the ability to trigger any other devices.  Scary stuff guys. Wouldn’t know what I would do if I couldn’t get a hold of someone in the area. Let’s make sure we call our loved ones tonight.

 There are a lot of pictures flying around the internet right now, many of which are too gruesome to post here. This picture, however, has had the greatest impact on me. Just a reminder of what just had happened…

To see the remnants what happened to people makes this so much more real.  I won’t be posting any videos here as it’s not why I started this for.  You can find those videos everywhere and watch them for yourself. Be safe people.

I’m not even sure I can believe what happened about 30 minutes ago.  I can’t even begin to wrap my head around what’s wrong with people.  Prayers go out to everyone that is within the vicinity of the explosions.  Pray that everyone gets home safe.  This is terrible, terrible news.