Bro Catches Foul Ball In His Beer And Then Chugs That Beer…Like A BAWSE

Official MLB feed here:

Super Slo-Mo Youtube here (amazing!)


Well played sir, well played.  Crazy thing, is that this game was in Seattle.  No way that was a Bud Light or Natty Bo.  That thing had to be some dark craft beer or some 10% IPA.  Guy just smashes that thing and doesn’t even care about the baseball.  Sounds about right when your watching the Mariners get blown out by the “worst team in baseball” Astros two nights in a row.

P.S. I’ve got to give him like a 5.5 on the chug.  I know the baseball to that beer all worked up but most of the beer ended up on his sweater.

P.P.S.  Who the hell is the kid in the background going all Arsenio Hall on the moment.  Hey bro, your haircut and your actions suggest your better suited for the early 90s.